In A2Z we are focusing on making the music business better. To make it sound better, look better, be better.

That's why we try to give an opportunity to as many artists as possible.

Ranging from bands to vocalists we help our collaborators achieve their dreams by giving them a professional sound for friendly prices in our Prague based studio. Sometimes we even offer free recording sessions to artists who get our deep attention.

A2Z Studio Microphone
A2Z Studio Microphones
A2Z Studio Drums


Since A2Z is not a basement studio anymore, there are multiple things that need to be taken care of. Right now, there are two people in our team who will be happy to tell you a litte bit about themselves and give you a little bit of insight into how we operate.


- CEO -

He takes care of the booking, brings in new artists and give a general direction to the company.

"There is so much I'd like to change in the world, but you've got to go step by step, and I see music as a tremendous tool to educate people."




His role in the studio is indispensable. As a producer Felip is responsible for all the beats and recordings that are made in the studio.

"I love music. I've loved it all my life. So due to my passion for it, it's more of a joy than anything else. I want to help people follow their dreams in music, but such thing is not easy to do alone, so I am very happy to start a cooperation with Asgard."